Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program has been suspended again – Canada Immigration updates.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) made headlines in the Canadian immigration world when they stalled the program last year. This is a popular program that welcomes people from all over the world based on investments.

The Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration (MIFI) announced that the program which was closed for application until July 1, 2020, will now remain closed till April 1, 2021.

What is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program all about?

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) is a program by the Quebec Government which allows immigration to individuals with more than $2 Million in net worth. You can quickly get permanent residency status in the country using the program.

In order to be eligible for the program, you need to invest at least $1.2 Million with the help of a financial intermediary. The Government approves these intermediaries, and all the programs are set with specific set guidelines.

Some of the reasons and the thought process behind the decisions

This type of program is not unique, and we have witnessed many such programs in the past. Various Governments have a similar kind of program in the world.

A similar program in Canada called the Federal Immigrant Investor Program (FIIP) was started and canceled a few years ago because of numerous issues with the program. 

Some of the issues as stated by the critics of the program are –

  • The program indicates a ‘buy citizenship’ outlook. It conveys a message that anyone can purchase Canadian citizenship, something the Government does not want.
  • The motive of the Government is to invite people to live and stay in the Quebec region. Most of the investors use the program as an entry route to Canada, and after receiving their citizenship, they tend to change their base to Ontario or British Columbia. This is a significant cause of worry, and the Government is finding the solutions to the problem.
  • There has been a history of misuse of the program. The risk of misusing the program by individuals always remains.

A number of supporters of the program pointed out that the program has the potential to contribute considerable amounts to the economy. There is a massive upside as the investors pour in a lot of money in the Quebec region, which results in the overall economic growth of the region.

Letter to the Federal Government by the IIAC

The Investment Industry Association of Canada wrote a letter to the Federal Government in early May requesting to reinstate the investor program for immigration to Canada. They have a valid argument, and that is about the situation of the economy due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic has a massive impact on the Canadian economy and a boost to the economy with the investor program can help everyone. This group of people represents the recognized intermediaries with the Canadian Government.

Understanding how the program works

The program has a pretty straightforward structure. The Government takes an interest-free loan from the investors and offers them permanent residency status in return. This money is then invested in interest generating financial instruments like bonds. The money is withheld with the Government for a period of 5 years, after which it is returned to the investor.

A small portion of this investment is also used to provide loans to small businesses in the Quebec region, which is one of the most significant beneficial factors of the program.

The recent change in the lending rates by the Bank of Canada

Another significant factor to consider about the program is the current situation of the economy. The sudden drop in the economy has resulted in the Bank of Canada dropping the interest rates. The coronavirus prevention measures were taken by the Government in March, and these included the change in the interest rates.

Another question before the Government before they give out a decision for the program is whether the economy will be significantly impacted by the program considering the low-interest rates. Low-interest rates are a reason for not enough takers of the loan because of the situation, so it must be taken into consideration whether more money in the system will actually help.

Understanding other programs and methods for Canadian Immigration

It is imperative to understand that the investor program is part of the business immigration program. There are numerous opportunities and programs to immigrate to Canada, and business immigration is one of them. Even if the program is not reinstated in April 2021, it does not mean that you cannot immigrate as a business owner or entrepreneur.

Investor Vs. Entrepreneur Immigration programs

Both the investor and Entrepreneur immigration programs are part of the business immigration program.

In the entrepreneur immigration program, the investors are required to continually run business in the Quebec region and maintain them for years to get citizenship. This program comes with numerous clauses and rules that define the program, and you can still apply for the program.

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is entirely different and requires the investor to give an interest-free loan to the Government. No business investment is included in this program, but you cannot apply for the program until April 21, 2021, around when the Government will give further guidelines about it.

There are numerous other programs set up by provinces in Canada and the Federal Government. All these programs invite entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and countries to set up businesses in Canada.

There are hundreds of aspects to business immigration programs, and we have successfully processed numerous applications for business immigration. The experts at our team understand your requirements and help you select the best programs and provinces to immigrate with this program. Stay tuned with us for more such informative news and updates from the Canadian Government. We continuously deal with hundreds of Immigration cases and remain up-to-date with the changes happening in the Immigration Industry. Also, feel free to reach us to get a free insightful outlook for your application. Our core team of experts has years of experience in applying and obtaining visas for thousands of customers.


quebec immigration news

Quebec Immigration News – reforms on the way in the PEQ program along with the announcement of two new pilot programs

Quebec Immigration News and very big announcements from the Quebec Government are making headlines for the changes that have been made. The changes come after the unsuccessful attempt to make more noticeable changes in 2019, which met with a lot of public outrage.

The changes are in regard to the Quebec Exchange Program, also known as the PEQ program in french. The PEQ program was in 2010 to help foreign workers and students living in Quebec. The program would benefit all people falling into those categories by fast-tracking their way of getting permanent residency status in the country.

The changes that were announced in 2019 could have stopped many of the students and workers to get permanent residency in Canada. But the changes were taken back because of the public outrage as every one of the affected came on the streets to protest the changes.

All the proposed changes in this announcement are aimed at modernizing and revolutionizing the immigration system in the province as per the statements of the officials. With all the changes coming into force in the upcoming few weeks, we will be discussing all the aspects of the changes in this post.

Quebec Immigration NewsThe main objectives as outlined by the Government are –

  • Increasing the strength of the integrity of the program.
  • Increased focus on the French language requirements to facilitate the integration of the new members economically and culturally.
  • Increased efficiency of the selection process in order to meet the requirements of the labor market situation.
  • Improvised integration with the labor market

Increase in the amount of work experience required for workers and students

The changes include increasing the amount of work experience required for the workers and students. Unlike the older times, the temporary foreign workers or the TFWs will be necessary to have a minimum of 36 months of work experience in the 48 months preceding the time of their application.

The Government has also announced transitional measures for the current work permit holders to ease their process as the changes come into place.

Changes have also been notified for students. In the case of students, a minimum of 12 or 24 months of work experience is necessary; This has been defined for students in particular categories which are –

  • Under the new changes, students who have a university degree from Quebec will need at least 12 months of work experience. This work experience must fall under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes 0, A, and B.
  • Students who have a diploma in professional studies from Quebec will be required to complete 24 months of work experience in NOC 0, A, B, and C level jobs.
  • Students working in C level jobs will only be eligible to apply under the PEQ program if their job is related to their field of study.

The requirement of french language proficiency for spouses

Under the new changes, the spouse of the main applicant of the PEQ program must be having a speaking proficiency in French. This is one of the significant changes in the program as announced by the Government.

This change is made specifically to make sure that the new members of the province can get along with the culture. This requirement will become mandatory after one year of the changes coming into force.

Improving the integrity of the system

This particular change comes after many instances of wrongdoings related to french proficiency proofs.

The certificates of completion of the advanced level of Intermediate french from any of the educational institutes in Quebec Immigration News will no longer be accepted. In the past, there have been multiple instances in which irregularities were uncovered with these certificates.

Although this change does not affect the current applicants, all the applicants who have applied before this change comes into force can submit and get these certificates considered.

Processing times

Another significant change comes in the processing time of the PEQ applications. Earlier, the applications had a standard time of 20 days to get processed.

With the new change in effect, the processing time will be a maximum of 6 months. This particular change comes in light of the fact that the Government wishes to give equal importance to the PEQ and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) applicants.

The introduction of two new pilot programs

Quebec Immigration News – The Government also announced the launching of two new pilot programs. The reason for these programs is the rising need for specific skilled labor in the province. We have seen similar moves by other provinces in the light of healthcare workers.

The first pilot program is aimed at nurse’s aides. Owing to COVID-19 and generally, also, there is a shortage of nurse’s aides in the province. According to Government data, only 115 nurse’s aides have been recipients of the permanent residency schemes since 2013. Changing this trend, the Government aims at using this pilot program to bring in 550 aides per year in the province.

The other pilot program is aimed at the advanced technology sector. Recent changes and developments in technology have given birth to a rise in artificial Intelligence and INformation technology in the province. This is similar to the trend all over the world. In this pilot program, the Government will be granted permanent residency status to 550 such highly skilled workers. Technology workers from all over the world can apply and utilize their skill sets to build a career in Quebec using this pilot program.

These were all the major changes announced by the Government. We will be witnessing these changes coming into force in the coming weeks. This will directly affect the plans set forth by a lot of individuals in various sectors. The best part about the announcements were the pilot programs. We get to see a trend and a beginning with these pilot programs. Programs like these can be a useful tool to get professionals from specific backgrounds into Quebec and other provinces.

Stay tuned with the blog to get more such interesting news and updates from the changing immigration laws in Canada. We have been helping realize the dreams of thousands of students and individuals to immigrate and settle in Canada.


Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia draws applications aimed at nurses through Express Entry Stream.

Nova Scotia Immigration held a draw of application targeting nurses through Nova Scotia’s Express Entry-linked Labor Market Priorities stream. The draw was held on May 22nd, which was followed by sending a letter of interest to all the candidates. The Department also issues the guidelines and eligibility criteria for the program. All the selected applicants have 60 days to submit their application with all the details.

One of the major requirements is a benchmark score of 8 in English or French apart from other obligations. In this post, you will get to know each detail of the program and the requirements. Only registered nurses with experience in accordance with National Occupational Classification 3012 (NOC 3012) were selected at random.

Let’s discuss the requirements as informed by the Nova Scotia Department –

  1. The primary occupation of the candidate must be a registered nurse or a psychiatric nurse.
  2. Must be having an experience of more than three years working as a registered nurse. This experience must be proved by a letter of reference from the employer.
  3. The candidate must have a benchmark score of 8 in English or French. The main point here is that the score must be 8 in all of the language abilities, including Reading, writing, listening, and talking.
  4. The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree or have completed a three-year program at a registered university, college, trade or technical school, or an institute.

Now that we are aware of the requirements of the program, we must also look at the needs of the Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities which even a significant part of this program –

  • The candidate must have received a letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Nominee program, which comes under the express entry scheme.
  • The candidate must qualify for the minimum experience requirements of the specific express entry stream that you have applied for.
  • The candidate must show enough proof of the ability to bear immigration costs, including the cost of travel. Additionally, the candidate must have enough funds to settle him/her and his/her family in Nova Scotia.
  • The candidate must have legal status in their country of residence.
  • The candidate must qualify for all the eligibility criteria in place at the time of selection.

Talking a bit about the Labor Market Priorities Stream, the program began in August of 2018 to accommodate for the growing demand of particular professions in Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia was facing the shortage of various specific occupations, and fulfilling these using the standard express entry scheme was impossible. To accommodate for this, a new program called The Labor Market Priorities stream was started which gave the Nova Scotia province to hold draws for specific requirements according to their choice.

In the past, draws have been conducted for marketing, PR, carpentry, accountancy, and various other occupations.

Just like all other countries, Canada has also been struck by the COVID-19 outbreak. It has spread evenly, and a shortage of medical staff and equipment is common all over the world. To account for this discrepancy, we estimate that the draw for nurses was held to fulfill this requirement.

Knowledge about all the programs in order to be eligible for intakes that will happen in the future     

To understand the whole process, you must understand that you are considered in this draw, your application should have been in the express entry scheme. After applying in the express entry schemes, candidates can further apply to schemes in provinces that are easier to get through. One such example is the Nova Scotia Provincial express entry program.

All the entries in the express entry program are further managed in three divisions namely –

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

3. Canadian Experience Class

The system of awarding points to all these applications is called the CRS or the comprehensive Ranking System. Various factors, including age, education, experience, language level in English, and French, are considered while ranking all these applicants.

The point’s equivalent to all these nurses’ candidates who have been selected in the Nova Scotia draw will be 600. Adding 600 points to their overall CRS score assures their selection in the upcoming draw of lots for the express Entry scheme Draw.

For all the aspirants of the permanent residency schemes in Canada, we would like to provide further information about the programs.

Just like Nova Scotia, numerous other provinces operate similar programs –


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia


Prince Edward Island



Each of these provinces has their program, and you can easily apply for specific requirements related to your skills.

The express entry scheme, in general, is for people to help them migrate to Canada with a permanent residency if they fall under specific categories of Age, Skills, Work-experience, and Education. The whole set up of all these schemes is pretty interlinked and is confusing for aspirants.

We help Canadian permanent residency seekers to get their choice of program and apply. With years of experience, we can provide you with insightful recommendations to apply for the best programs according to your needs. After having students sent in almost all of the provinces in Canada, we have gathered experience about the best programs. There are numerous ways to increase your CRS scores in all the express entry schemes.

After analyzing and applying for the best programs, you can expedite your application to months in many cases. Many of our applicants were able to migrate within a few months because of proper guidance in selecting the best programs. Fulfilling the requirement of various provinces and choosing the appropriate one according to the candidates’ goals is what we do for all our customers. Contact Us to get a free audit of your application and get an insightful recommendation from our experts about your file and useful programs. We will put all the efforts to make sure that you get selected in one of the upcoming draws of the Express Entry Scheme by the Canadian Government.


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Canada Govt. Aid for Canadians in the time of COVID-19

Canada Govt. Aid for Canadians on the COVID-19, where a pandemic has affected the lives of everyone. Without discriminating rich or poor, good or bad, it has caused chaos in every household as well as businesses. Businesses small or big, everyone has now fallen on their faces due to this eternal war between humanity and an invisible enemy, the coronavirus. During this period, the ones who are affected by it the most are the medium and small sector businessmen, farmers, and many other individuals. Anyone belonging to this category is now struggling to survive. Gaining profit, making more money, or realizing the long contemplated dreams is the least of their worries. The only thing that matters the most now is survival.

Food is becoming an inaccessible resource for many households. People are finding it difficult to pay the rents and bills. New businesses are struggling to keep running, startups and other small businesses are on the verge of collapsing, and farmers are facing great difficulty with their crops. Hopefully, the citizens of Canada are in good hands.

Canada government announces financial support amidst COVID-19

During this challenging time, the Canadian government is completely determined to help those in need to recover. The safety and health of Canadians are to be on the most priority list of the government. They have decided to support businesses and families to keep growing to help them maintain the stability of the falling economy.

Support for small businesses

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has announced additional measures to help the small and medium scale businesses deal with the economic challenges during the time of this pandemic. These new measures are to help companies in Canada secure the jobs on which several Canadians depend. The government has also encouraged people in business to pay their employees and bills.

(CEWS) Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy

The CEWS helps those employers who are greatly hit by this pandemic. It aims to protect the existing jobs of Canadian citizens. This Emergency wage subsidy seeks to cover 75 percent of the wages of an employee. This subsidy includes employers of any sector, irrespective of their size, who have faced a gross decline of revenues more than or equal to 15 percent in the month of March and 30 percent in the month of April to May. This program is in function for about 12 weeks, starting from the 15th of March to the 6th of June 2020.

Eligible employers must sustain 100 percent compensation for a particular contribution towards the Canada Pension Plan, the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan, the Quebec Pension Plan, and Employment Insurance that is paid concerning the employees on paid leaves.

Temporary 10 percent Wage Subsidy

The Temporary 10 percent Wage Subsidy will allow entitled employers to benefit the reduction of payroll deduction amount that needs forwarding towards the (CRA) Canada Revenue Agency.

Who can apply for this subsidy?

You can apply for the Temporary 10 percent Wage Subsidy if you are:

  • an individual (this excludes trusts),
  • a partnership (with members being individuals, a private corporation controlled by Canada that are entitled to a small business deduction or registered charities.),
  • a private corporation controlled by Canada (this includes cooperative corporation) that is qualified for a small business deduction.
  • a non- profit organization,
  • or a registered charity.

Extension of Work-Sharing Scheme

The maximum period of this program is extended to 76 weeks (previously 38 weeks) for the employers hit by the coronavirus pandemic. This maneuver aims to provide financial support to the employees, entitled to Employment Insurance, who are willing to take the edge off their regular working hours due to the developments which are now out of control from the hands of the employers.

Support for Agriculture, food, fisheries, dairy, and aquaculture

The government is providing aid of $50 million to support farmers, processing employers, and food production sectors as well as fish harvesters. Meanwhile, the workers who have arrived from abroad are required to follow the 14 days mandatory isolation period. The MISTFWP (Mandatory, Isolation Support for Temporary Workers Program) delivers an aid of $1500 to the employers for every provisional foreign worker working under them to make sure their fundamental necessities are fulfilled. This funding, of course, is based on the condition that the mandatory quarantine is not being violated.

Farm Credit Canada will deliver an additional amount of $5 billion to producers, food processors, and agribusinesses. The fish and seafood processing sectors will also benefit from the sum of $62.5 million provided by the Canadian Seafood Stabilization Fund. Another emergency processing fund of  $77.5 million is provided to the producers so that they have easy access to PPE (Personal Protective Equipments). It also includes help to automate their facilities and follow health protocols.

The dairy Commission has increased its borrowing limit by an amount of $200 million for helping the dairy sector to store butter and cheese more efficiently. The Surplus Food Purchase Program, funded initially with $50 million, aims to support the redistribution of unsold existing inventories, which include poultry and potatoes, to the local food bodies that are in service of vulnerable Canadians.

Support for individuals and families

Apart from this, the Government of Canada is willing to provide a sum of $3 billion through federal support so that the wages of essential workers with meager income is increased. A supplementary amount of $25million is provided to Nutrition North Canada, which is to help them increase the subsidies on nutritious food and the essential personal hygiene equipment. The Reaching Home initiative is aided with $157.5 million to provide support to those people who have become the victims of homelessness amidst this pandemic. $350 million is invested in offering help to the vulnerable citizens of Canada by joining hands with the non-profit organizations and charities that are working to deliver necessary services to people in need. These organizations are working towards the supply of medications and groceries, transportation facilities to appointments for senior citizens and disabled persons, providing necessary support to the volunteers to help them realize their vital contributions. They are also making sure that there are no social gatherings, and the essential protocols are being followed.


Canada immigration minister Shares Coronavirus Updates

Canada Immigration Minister Shares Coronavirus Updates

Canada immigration latest news on COVID-19 pandemic has no doubt halted the movement of the entire world, not only in terms of travel but also in the growth of the economies of each country. The number of fatalities is increasing day by day. People are losing their jobs and companies are bearing great losses in their market shares. The ratio of working individuals to retiring individuals is deteriorating continuously. This ratio poses a great deal of concern over the economic stability of each country.

Looking at the records of larger economies, immigration is a crucial contributor to the health of economies in various countries. Many countries even rely majorly on immigration to boost up their
economy. The permanent residents, foreign workers, individuals holding a temporary visa, and international students play a vital role in the development of their labor force, population management, and growth of the economy in such countries.

Taking the example of Canada, International Students alone are responsible for an annual addition of
about Twenty billion dollars to Canada’s economy. Also, countries like Australia and Canada have a
higher number of their population in the senior citizen category and meager birth rates. The average age
of the population in Australia is 38, whereas; it is 41 in Canada, with the birth rates being 1.7 and 1.5,

Good News for Aspiring Canada Immigrants
The coronavirus pandemic has created a fear among the youths concerning the availability of jobs and
opportunities for immigration. Amidst this challenging time, Canada’s immigration minister, Marco
Mendicino’s response to the effects of coronavirus pandemic to the immigration system of Canada has
lit up a ray of hope in the hearts of anyone concerned about changes occurring in the migration policies
of Canada post Coronavirus pandemic. Let us have a look at Canada immigration latest news for further information on this report. Canada Govt. Aid for Canadians

During a question and answer session, Canada’s Immigration Minister has discussed the effects of
Coronavirus pandemic on the immigration system of Canada, post the pandemic. According to Canada
immigration news, in a one-hour consultation with the Section of the law administering Immigration in
the Canadian Bar Association, Marco Mendico focused light on several topics including International
students, workers from foreign countries, and levels of immigration.

Canada to remain open for immigration, post COVID-19 pandemic
In the discussion, the immigration minister said that immigration will benefit the recovery of the
economy of Canada and will lead to their success. He also said that immigration had been a means of
boosting the country’s economy by being the guiding star for their policies, and thus, they will keep on relying on it. Mendicino assured that Corona Virus would have no effect on Canada’s indelible
demographic trends. He also mentioned this as not being the only time that Canada has encountered such economic and pandemic issues. Despite such problems, Canada has a history of moving forward, thanks to the welcoming immigrants. He said that what the future holds for the intake levels of Canada in the light of its yearly plans on immigration levels are likely to be announced this fall after the federal
government has consulted with the stakeholders.

Canada has a history of increasing its level of immigration steadily since the end of the 1980s and more
aggressively during recent years to reinforce its economy. Recently, during the pre-coronavirus
pandemic, Canada had announced to achieve the target of the advent of permanent residents equal in
number to about 0.9 percent of its total population. This figure is supposed to only grow forth in the
following years.

Invitation for Immigration during the Corona Virus Pandemic
No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the immigration system of every country. Nonetheless,
Canada isn’t ready to give up yet. It is trying its best to improve the Canada immigration process in
COVID-19 and continuing to work towards achieving its target of plans made of the immigration levels
related to the economic class. Under the Express Entry of the federal application management system, it
has invited more applications for access to permanent residence compared to the months before. In
addition, it is providing endless residence opportunities for aspiring immigrant candidates in various
provinces of Canada.

In the issue of May 1 of Express Entry draw for Canada immigration, a total of 3,311 candidates would
be provided an ITA (Invitation to Apply). This express entry draw was exclusively restricted to those
candidates belonging to CEC (Canadian Express Class). This draw had a cumulative 452 points for the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) score cut-off. Furthermore, currently, these draws are being reserved only for the candidates belonging to CEC and PNP due to coronavirus pandemic and the duration of the restriction is still uncertain.

The role of IRCC
The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) has its staff members dedicated to working
on enhancing the ability of the department to process the required applications. Remote operations
have also set up so that the staff has access to necessary tools that are needed to ease the process. The
IRCC has also seen many innovations and improvements in processing during this period.

According to the reports of Canada immigration latest news, the immigration minister has also
delivered that supporting the efforts of the federal government; the IRCC is eyeing the employers from
the sector of agriculture and seafood to nourish the food supply of Canada. In addition, he has also
mentioned that the concerned departments are continuously looking for ways to improve the flexibility
of the work permits and trying to withdraw any obstacles existing abroad.

Flexible policies for International Students

Canada’s immigration also pointed out that with the valuable feedbacks of various stakeholders, the
government is now able to reorganize the policies concerning international students amidst the
pandemic to facilitate their Canada immigration process in COVID-19. The Post-Graduation Work
Permit improvement by the IRCC has now enabled the International students taking online courses
carry on to be eligible for this work permit.

IRCC’s regular discussion with the post-secondary stakeholders regarding the help it can provide to the
international students who would be enrolling themselves in prestigious learning institutes during the
month of September. This period is crucial in the sense that it is this time in which the maximum
number of international students start for their learning programs.

With the hint that there is more to the immigration policy, which ought to be revealed in the coming
days, the Immigration minister ended the report.

Brexit immigration affects

How will Brexit affect immigration?

A portmanteau of the words Britain and exit, Brexit caught on as shorthand for the thought that Britain break up from the European Union and trade its dating to the bloc on trade, security and migration.

Britain has been debating the pros and cons of membership in a European community of nations nearly from the moment the concept become broached. It held its first referendum on club in what changed into then called the European Economic Community in 1975, less than three years after it joined. At the time, 67 percent of electorate supported staying in the bloc.

 Immigration with the Brexit on the go

Well, how will Brexit affect immigration is still one of the most prominent questions as regards the public-policy. All the right of EU in UK and British in the EU are under some key issues with the withdrawal negotiations.

If we look into the immigration policies being adopted for the non-EU immigrants, it seems like UK might relax its immigration controls for workers outside EU for trying to make up the shortfall which will occur by the run-up to Brexit. The doctors and nurses from non-EU countries might not fall under the Tier 2 visa cap (it restricts skilled workers immigration to 20,700 in a year).

But wait, seems like the number for such non-EU workers have seen a rise even since 2016 when there was total immigration of 249,000 workers as per the office for National Statistics.

 Challenges/Demerits Indian’s will face Immigrating to the UK for work

 1. If we look into the UK’s economy closely, there are very less number of jobs created for the non-EU, which includes Indians too. There is expected no change in the employment’s nationality criteria. So, there is a no chance scenario for Indians to have the right job there in.

2. Expenses are high and might further increase, so there is a need for a job to pay more than 50,000 GBP/Year to the civilians and with a shortage in jobs, this can be pretty difficult to manage through.

3. Post BREXIT, there is a chance for economic crisis. So, one must think as many times as they can, before they even plan to immigrate to the UK.

So, considering the above-mentioned points, it is for sure that the UK for immigration should not be a preference for the Indians. Canada and Australia should still be their first choice as for what they have are:

  1. Immigration policies are very flexible and lenient.
  2. There are Organisational set-ups at places for helping out the immigrants in every way possible.
  3. The immigration system to both these places are very organised in functioning.
  4. For raising a family while one manages expenses, well, it is an ideal set-up for sure with insurance, free education for children’s and much more.

Reading through the above, so why would one even want to look after an economy which is not organised, is expensive and has a political system which finds hard to co-ordinate with the parliament?

Are the immigration policies a myth?

Switching on and off such immigration policies is just a myth.

If we look around, the UK immigration was due to increased growth in the labour market of the UK and not because of the immigration regulations. So, it is not a controlled situation as thought upon by the Politicians as the economy is the one which dictates the net migration figures, which can come to halt at any time. But again, it’s all doubtful and that doesn’t mean the immigration stops as the immigration of non-EU, skilled as well as non-skilled workers are likely to rise along with their family members. So, all one can do is, sit and watch, what comes next for them.

Will Indians be benefitted from immigration to the UK?

Survey’s say that the skilled worker’s movement from India to Britain rose at a fast rate in the year 2018 and the same will continue for the new immigration system being implemented by the UK.

There has been an increase in Indian students’ visas since the past year’s record. It has been increasing since 2018 wherein 55,000 skilled work visas also got issued to the Indian nationals alone. Not just this, even the tourist visas for Indians going to the UK has seen a rise of 10% since 2018 and it’s not far when both the countries might come into an agreement over Free Trade Agreements (FTA) but isn’t this all a means to take-over the loss caused by the EU leaving the UK?

Well, for sure it is and no matter how much effort is put in; Australia and Canada are still some of the easy destinations for Indians to migrate with their clear policies and point system. So nowadays most of them are applying for Canada PR Visa. For long they have a bond offering along the best of what they can and a sudden allowance of UK visa for Indians, it isn’t the right choice to choose from as for what is known, the policies are still likely to change, again and again, due to the UK being in a loss of huge leaving the market.

The visa regulations of diverse countries keep changing with time, it becomes a dutiful work for the immigration consultants to test on with the applicants on occasion and make sure they get their visa approved. And if you pick the PR consultancy in Bangalore, you may be assured that your visa has nearly 100% probabilities of approval.




find job in australia

How to find a job in Australia? The easiest ways

Australia is a preferred destination by Indians especially in the IT sector owing to great pay, better benefits, a high standard of living and quality education. Some prefer Australia more than the US due to the amazing work-life balance the country has to offer.

How easy it is to find a job in Australia?

Australia follows the lines of the US in recruiting outsiders. You have got to be the best in your stream. Most recruiters follow a point system to analyze your skills and experiences. The candidate scoring the highest number of points is chosen over the others. So if you are exceptionally skilled, have a considerable number of years of work experience in India or elsewhere in your niche, perform well in your series of interviews and present yourself as a confident professional who can surpass their expectations, you are hired!

Opportunities in software testing, front end development, and QA analysis are plenty and paid well. Skills in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data sciences are also in great demand. The most satisfying and well-paid jobs in 2019 were that of IT Systems Engineers, IT Security Engineers, and Cloud Engineers. Most people grab any opportunity that comes their way and work for two or three years in Australia to be eligible to apply for the Australian PR (Permanent Residency).

The Australian PR makes you a permanent resident of the country and not a citizen. You can enjoy all the rights of a citizen including legal rights and health benefits. Only voting rights are denied. The Australian PR also opens the doors to unrestricted job opportunities and PR for family members. If your children are born in Australia, they automatically become Australian citizens. It is easier for you to apply for citizenship and get an Australian passport as well. You also earn the right to travel, work and study in New Zealand without a visa. So an Australian PR is an achievement that can grant you an amazing profession with a high standard of family living.

What do you need to do?

Although a specific step-by-step procedure cannot be applied for how to get a job in Australia, there are a few general instructions you can follow.

• Do your research well on how to find a job in Australia. Purchase a domain name and create a portfolio that is professional and gives you an edge over the others. Update your profile on LinkedIn.

• Find the demand for your skills in Australia.

• Get your skills test done with English language certification.
Australia is an English speaking country. So to be eligible for a job there, you should have good command over the language and clear the skills test prescribed by the authorized immigration consultant.

• Submit EOI (Expression of Interest)
You are eligible to apply for the EOI once you successfully clear your skills test.

• Get your Australian PR.
This applies to people who have studied or worked in Australia earlier. You need to fill the application for a visa, attach all necessary documents and follow up on the remaining procedures diligently.

• You can also migrate to Australia without a job offer.
Based on your educational qualification, skills, work experience, and IELTS score, you can apply for the GSM visa via the Skilled Independent Visa 189 and Skilled Nominated Visa 190.

• Lastly, but importantly, take the help of an expert.
We, at Plenier Immigrations, with expertise over the years of taking Indian students and professionals to land in their dream jobs in Australia, can ease out the complete procedure for you. Leave the procedures, processing, and applications to us. You may concentrate on your interview preparations. We help you realize your Australian dream with ease, comfort, and a systematic approach.

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The highest paying jobs in Canada in the year 2020, for Immigrants

Canada is undoubtedly a favorite destination for immigrants from across the world. Although the high standard of living, better education for children, affordable housing, medical benefits, safety and security, beautiful locations and many other reasons attract immigrants to migrate to Canada, better job prospects and high salary remains the primary reason for immigrants to choose Canada over other countries.

As employers are facing a drastic shortage of skilled employees, job vacancies in Canada are predicted to increase in the forthcoming years. For those looking forward to migrating to Canada for a prospective career, we have compiled a list of high paying and high profile jobs in Canada.

  1. Programming and software development (IT sector)

Canada has alarmingly surpassed the US, the highest recruiter of IT jobs in the recent past. The current political situation of the US has also lead to software programmers increasingly migrating to Canadian cities especially Toronto. The Canadian government’s business-friendly policies have attracted giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon to establish delivery centers in Canada. Canada has started capitalizing on advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Security and Cloud services.  With an annual average salary of around $90,000, Canada’s IT industry offers a paycheck you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

  1. Medical and paramedical professionals ( doctors, dentists, nurses, and therapists)

Canada grants premium health services to its residents. So Canada is on the lookout for professionals with degrees from premium institutions, specializations, and great work experience. Owing to the nature of their job, medical professionals are paid exceptionally well in Canada. Specialist and experienced doctors earn an average annual salary of $1,50,000, dentists and registered nurses around  $75,000. If you intend to move to Canada as a medical professional you may need to license yourself according to Canadian medical standards.

  1. Lawyers

Law offers one of the most well-paid jobs in Canada with an annual average salary of $1,35,000.

Relicensing may be required to practice law according to Canadian standards.

  1. Mining engineers, oil and gas drillers

The mining industry of Canada is the fastest growing industry owing to Canada’s abundant mineral resources. Vacancies for people skilled in this sector are plenty. With an annual average salary of $78,000, it is an offer you can’t refuse.

  1. Chartered accountants

Chartered accountants registered under the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants are very much in demand. With an annual average salary of more than $1,50,000, Canada offers the best job arena for skilled and experienced accountants.

Many other professionals such as sales and marketing managers, real estate agents, economists, aerospace engineers, and oceanographers are very much in demand in many Canadian cities. If you are a qualified and experienced professional in any of these sectors, looking for a prospective career overseas, Canada is the best available option. Standing numero uno in terms of salary, the standard of living, health benefits and quality of education, you will be proud to call Canada your second home.

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We, at Plenier Immigration, helps you to identify the most suitable province/location depending upon your job profile and experience so that you successfully get the PR in the first attempt itself. Our experienced consultants for Canada immigration services in Bangalore ease the documentation and visa processing procedures to help you chase your Canadian dream.


7 Best places to live in Canada for new immigrants

places to live in canada

Canada is one of the countries to which a large number of people across the world apply for a permanent resident visa. Nearly 3 lakh people migrate to Canada every year. 1 out of every 5 Canadian is an immigrant. Beautiful landscape, high standard of living, high-paying jobs, quality of education and health standards make it a country that people love to call their second home. The people, culture, and government of Canada are immigrant-friendly. The safety and security of the nation make people feel at home.  If you are planning to move to Canada for education or work, we have compiled a list of 7 best cities in Canada that are very much immigrant-friendly and would offer a healthy, safe and comfortable place for you to settle.

  1. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and is one of the most educated cities in the country with most of its population speaking English. It has a very low population and thus the standard of living is high. It is ranked as the third cleanest city in the world.  It has lately emerged as an IT hub creating plenty of job opportunities. With its high quality of life and low crime rate, it is one of the most preferred cities to settle in Canada by immigrants.

  1. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is the most populated city in Canada with more than 50% of its population comprising of immigrants. Employment opportunities in many private IT companies and a comfortable environment to do business makes it one of the most powerful economic cities in the country. It stands high in terms of education, healthcare, technological advancements, safety, and security.

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and is densely populated with immigrants from China and South East Asia. Compared to other cities in Canada, the cost of living and housing is generally higher but people with high incomes prefer to settle permanently here owing to its beautiful landscape. It serves as a popular filming location.

  1. Calgary, Alberta

It is the third-largest city in Canada. Its favorable climatic conditions with less snow and more sunny days make it a comfortable destination for immigrants.  Due to its growth in the mining industry, its immigrants mainly consist of miners, engineers, mechanics, and entrepreneurs. Being a reasonably priced city for living and housing expenses, and considered to be safe owing to its low crime rate, it is a city that welcomes immigrants with open arms.

  1. Montreal, Quebec

It is the second-largest economy in Canada with 80% of the population speaking French. It is a bustling city in terms of its culture, art, films, and theatre. A safe city with low crime rates and a high standard of living it is a city that immigrants look forward to.

  1. Waterloo, Ontario

It is Canada’s go-to destination for education. It boasts of premium universities, world-class education and good schooling for children. Standing high in education, research, and technology, it is a city with plenty of employment opportunities. With affordable housing and offering recreational activities like skiing and hiking, it is a city that offers a perfect mix of the urban and countryside.

  1.  St. Albert, Alberta

It is a beautiful city which is less populated. Ranked as one of the best cities to raise children, it offers a family-friendly lifestyle. Good infrastructure and opportunities in education and health care make it one of the most desired cities in Canada for immigrants to settle with the family.


Better quality of life, high standard of education, health benefits, affordable housing, and well-paying jobs make Canada a favorite for people who wish to settle overseas. Read our previous blog to know more details on Requirements to Apply For Canada PR .

Easy documentation, visa appointments, hassle-free visa processing, communication with the embassy and all related work for you to reach and settle in Canada for higher education or a prospective career is accomplished at Plenier Immigration, Bangalore. We support you at every step to help you realize your Canadian dream.

For any further details on Canada opportunities or for complete assistance on Canada Immigration, contact Plenier Consulting, one of the leading Canada visa consultancy in Bangalore. Call us at 080 3045 6948 or visit .


The Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Consultant for Your Immigration Needs

People who need to travel to some other country for educational or work purposes need to approve their visas on time or else the opportunity might just not be in their favor. So, in a majority of the instances, nobody would like to take uncalculated risks of applying for visas if they are not 100 percent sure about its approval.

That is why it is suggested that you take help of immigration consultants to guide you through the process so that you don’t have to face rejections of your application. The best immigration consultancy in Bangalore and other Indian states offer the best services, with the help of which you can get your immigration process sorted easily.

The Advantages of Hiring an Immigration Consultant for Your Immigration Needs

Here are some more benefits to why you should hire an immigration consultant for your immigration needs. Read on


  • Saves your time and cost– often people tend to think that paying the immigration consultants is a waste of money and the normal visa application procedure is completed at a far lesser charge. Wrong! People only assume it to be a short term investment and do not look further in the long terms process. They don’t know that making smaller mistakes in the entire immigration procedure does not only incur heavy monetary penalties but at times you may also have to repeat the entire process. Moreover, your application process may get delayed for months if the procedure is not done properly. Thus, paying an immigration consultant a one-time fee is far better than making repeated rounds of the government agencies to save your money and time both!


  • Provides all the required support– many a time, people travel abroad for education, job or permanent settlement purposes for which they need to know a few things like more about the country they are trying to move to, the language of English and their native language also, up to date visa approval guidelines, etc. And not every person knows all these things. So to help them with their immigration, the consultants look out for every possible support that they can provide to the applicants to make their immigration a smooth journey!


  • Gives detailed attention to the process to make it successful– as easy as it may seem from outside, the entire immigration procedure is not so actually! You need to go through many detailed procedures and be steady with your application process. Making even the slightest of errors can lead to cancellation of your visa approval. That is why it is verily recommended that you hire an immigration expert for taking care of your visa procedure so that you don’t face unwanted rejections in your immigration process.


  • They can help you with appeals– at times, even if your entire immigration process is fine, the government officials may still reject your application due to reason unknown. In cases like, these, if you did not hire an immigration consultant before, you may fall in a jinx as to what to do next or how to get your visa application approved. But when you have the help of an immigration consultant, they can guide you to an appeals process through which you may get your visa approved by the officials.


  • You get to know the rules and available options– in most cases, the immigrants are never aware of the immigration rules of the country they are traveling to! They might make small mistakes which may incur heavy fines and fees which obviously none of us want! Also, knowing the available immigration options for the purposes you are traveling to (like education, work or settlements) must be known beforehand. With an immigration consultant at your services, you are entitled to get full details about your immigration country rules, regulations, available options, and other such detailing.


  • Helps you Understand permits– no matter for what purpose you are traveling to a country, you need certain permits to get that approval mark on your visa. But as normal persons, we seldom know about any such regulations or permits and we may be blank when asked to get such permits for our immigration needs. When you hire an immigration consultant you don’t need to worry much about these formalities, they are sure to provide you with all the detailing required for easy and convenient visa approval.



It is a moment of joy for all of us when we get a chance to travel abroad either for our education or work (or even permanent settlement at times!) While we celebrate our foreign journey, we forget that the entire immigration process is not going to be easy for us. It is a long-standing process with many layers of scrutiny, only after which your visa gets approved and you get the green flag for your foreign expedition.

But why worry when you have the best immigration consultancy in Bangalore at your service! They provide every such assistance which is needed for getting your immigration application approved without having to go through much hassle. So, if you are still in two minds as to whether or not hire an immigration consultant for your immigration needs, do not hesitate and hire one!