Requirements to Apply For Canada PR in 2019

Immigrating to other countries has always been a tough task for Indian citizens. They have to go
through various processes and scrutiny before they finally get their PR (permanent resident)
applications for a country approved. But it is not the same in the case of Canada PR immigration

Of late, if you are trying to immigrate to Canada, then you must not be worried about the process at all. The “Express Entry program” which started way back in 2015 by the Canadian government has made acquiring a Canadian PR easy for the citizens of India. When you successfully get one, it remains valid for 5 years and thereby you become the permanent resident of Canada for the designated time.

It in a way improves the country’s economy alongside helping the immigrants as well. There are only some certain requirements that must be fulfilled by the citizens after which getting the PR approved is not a tough task.

The Canada visa consultancy in Bangalore does all that it takes to make your Canada PR approved within a shorter time period.

The following requirements must be fulfilled when you are applying for one.

You need to attain the ‘minimum points’ in the CRS or “comprehensive ranking system” based on certain factors.

According to the 2019 PR visa rules set by the Canadian government, a person needs to be at
least 18 years of age to apply for the visa. However, if you are aged between 25 and 35 years,
you get the provisions of acquiring the highest points in the CRS system. It is recommended that
you apply for the visa at the earliest for scoring more points.

If you have friends and family back in the Canadian bay, then it is more likely to earn you some
“good points” in your CRS score. Though it might not be the most required factor for increasing
the points it still plays a significant role in judging how adaptable you can get when you
immigrate to the country with the PR visa.

You must hold a bachelor’s degree to apply for the PR visa. And if you have a master’s degree
then you are eligible for higher points in the ranking system.

Language proficiency:
The minimum requirements of language set by the Canadian government are CLB7 without
which getting your visa approved is difficult. However, if you get your professional language
proficiency guidelines well arranged by your employers then it won’t bring any difficulty to your
visa application.

Work experience:
As per the 2019 rules of the Canadian PR application process, the highest point in this category
is given to those with 6+ years of professional experience. However, the ones with 3 or more
years of experience are also eligible for the application of the PR visa.

Final thoughts:
It is only after you have attained the minimum required points through this CRS ranking (set by
the “Express Entry draws”), you become eligible to apply for the Canada PR application. The
sole purpose behind such evaluation of points is to find out how suitable or efficient the
immigrant is and how favorable is his or her residency in bringing growth to the Canadian

If we go by the new rules (of 2019) set by the IRCC (immigration authority of Canada), the
government is all set to provide PR visas to immigrants which can reach up to 1 million alone by
the year 2020. Thus, it might be a suitable time for you to apply for the PR visa through the PR 
consultancy in Bangalore if you are planning to migrate for quite some time now.

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