The highest paying jobs in Canada in the year 2020, for Immigrants

Canada is undoubtedly a favorite destination for immigrants from across the world. Although the high standard of living, better education for children, affordable housing, medical benefits, safety and security, beautiful locations and many other reasons attract immigrants to migrate to Canada, better job prospects and high salary remains the primary reason for immigrants to choose Canada over other countries.

As employers are facing a drastic shortage of skilled employees, job vacancies in Canada are predicted to increase in the forthcoming years. For those looking forward to migrating to Canada for a prospective career, we have compiled a list of high paying and high profile jobs in Canada.

  1. Programming and software development (IT sector)

Canada has alarmingly surpassed the US, the highest recruiter of IT jobs in the recent past. The current political situation of the US has also lead to software programmers increasingly migrating to Canadian cities especially Toronto. The Canadian government’s business-friendly policies have attracted giants such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon to establish delivery centers in Canada. Canada has started capitalizing on advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Security and Cloud services.  With an annual average salary of around $90,000, Canada’s IT industry offers a paycheck you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

  1. Medical and paramedical professionals ( doctors, dentists, nurses, and therapists)

Canada grants premium health services to its residents. So Canada is on the lookout for professionals with degrees from premium institutions, specializations, and great work experience. Owing to the nature of their job, medical professionals are paid exceptionally well in Canada. Specialist and experienced doctors earn an average annual salary of $1,50,000, dentists and registered nurses around  $75,000. If you intend to move to Canada as a medical professional you may need to license yourself according to Canadian medical standards.

  1. Lawyers

Law offers one of the most well-paid jobs in Canada with an annual average salary of $1,35,000.

Relicensing may be required to practice law according to Canadian standards.

  1. Mining engineers, oil and gas drillers

The mining industry of Canada is the fastest growing industry owing to Canada’s abundant mineral resources. Vacancies for people skilled in this sector are plenty. With an annual average salary of $78,000, it is an offer you can’t refuse.

  1. Chartered accountants

Chartered accountants registered under the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants are very much in demand. With an annual average salary of more than $1,50,000, Canada offers the best job arena for skilled and experienced accountants.

Many other professionals such as sales and marketing managers, real estate agents, economists, aerospace engineers, and oceanographers are very much in demand in many Canadian cities. If you are a qualified and experienced professional in any of these sectors, looking for a prospective career overseas, Canada is the best available option. Standing numero uno in terms of salary, the standard of living, health benefits and quality of education, you will be proud to call Canada your second home.

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