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How to find a job in Australia? The easiest ways

Australia is a preferred destination by Indians especially in the IT sector owing to great pay, better benefits, a high standard of living and quality education. Some prefer Australia more than the US due to the amazing work-life balance the country has to offer.

How easy it is to find a job in Australia?

Australia follows the lines of the US in recruiting outsiders. You have got to be the best in your stream. Most recruiters follow a point system to analyze your skills and experiences. The candidate scoring the highest number of points is chosen over the others. So if you are exceptionally skilled, have a considerable number of years of work experience in India or elsewhere in your niche, perform well in your series of interviews and present yourself as a confident professional who can surpass their expectations, you are hired!

Opportunities in software testing, front end development, and QA analysis are plenty and paid well. Skills in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data sciences are also in great demand. The most satisfying and well-paid jobs in 2019 were that of IT Systems Engineers, IT Security Engineers, and Cloud Engineers. Most people grab any opportunity that comes their way and work for two or three years in Australia to be eligible to apply for the Australian PR (Permanent Residency).

The Australian PR makes you a permanent resident of the country and not a citizen. You can enjoy all the rights of a citizen including legal rights and health benefits. Only voting rights are denied. The Australian PR also opens the doors to unrestricted job opportunities and PR for family members. If your children are born in Australia, they automatically become Australian citizens. It is easier for you to apply for citizenship and get an Australian passport as well. You also earn the right to travel, work and study in New Zealand without a visa. So an Australian PR is an achievement that can grant you an amazing profession with a high standard of family living.

What do you need to do?

Although a specific step-by-step procedure cannot be applied for how to get a job in Australia, there are a few general instructions you can follow.

• Do your research well on how to find a job in Australia. Purchase a domain name and create a portfolio that is professional and gives you an edge over the others. Update your profile on LinkedIn.

• Find the demand for your skills in Australia.

• Get your skills test done with English language certification.
Australia is an English speaking country. So to be eligible for a job there, you should have good command over the language and clear the skills test prescribed by the authorized immigration consultant.

• Submit EOI (Expression of Interest)
You are eligible to apply for the EOI once you successfully clear your skills test.

• Get your Australian PR.
This applies to people who have studied or worked in Australia earlier. You need to fill the application for a visa, attach all necessary documents and follow up on the remaining procedures diligently.

• You can also migrate to Australia without a job offer.
Based on your educational qualification, skills, work experience, and IELTS score, you can apply for the GSM visa via the Skilled Independent Visa 189 and Skilled Nominated Visa 190.

• Lastly, but importantly, take the help of an expert.
We, at Plenier Immigrations, with expertise over the years of taking Indian students and professionals to land in their dream jobs in Australia, can ease out the complete procedure for you. Leave the procedures, processing, and applications to us. You may concentrate on your interview preparations. We help you realize your Australian dream with ease, comfort, and a systematic approach.

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