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Quebec Immigration News – reforms on the way in the PEQ program along with the announcement of two new pilot programs

Quebec Immigration News and very big announcements from the Quebec Government are making headlines for the changes that have been made. The changes come after the unsuccessful attempt to make more noticeable changes in 2019, which met with a lot of public outrage.

The changes are in regard to the Quebec Exchange Program, also known as the PEQ program in french. The PEQ program was in 2010 to help foreign workers and students living in Quebec. The program would benefit all people falling into those categories by fast-tracking their way of getting permanent residency status in the country.

The changes that were announced in 2019 could have stopped many of the students and workers to get permanent residency in Canada. But the changes were taken back because of the public outrage as every one of the affected came on the streets to protest the changes.

All the proposed changes in this announcement are aimed at modernizing and revolutionizing the immigration system in the province as per the statements of the officials. With all the changes coming into force in the upcoming few weeks, we will be discussing all the aspects of the changes in this post.

Quebec Immigration NewsThe main objectives as outlined by the Government are –

  • Increasing the strength of the integrity of the program.
  • Increased focus on the French language requirements to facilitate the integration of the new members economically and culturally.
  • Increased efficiency of the selection process in order to meet the requirements of the labor market situation.
  • Improvised integration with the labor market

Increase in the amount of work experience required for workers and students

The changes include increasing the amount of work experience required for the workers and students. Unlike the older times, the temporary foreign workers or the TFWs will be necessary to have a minimum of 36 months of work experience in the 48 months preceding the time of their application.

The Government has also announced transitional measures for the current work permit holders to ease their process as the changes come into place.

Changes have also been notified for students. In the case of students, a minimum of 12 or 24 months of work experience is necessary; This has been defined for students in particular categories which are –

  • Under the new changes, students who have a university degree from Quebec will need at least 12 months of work experience. This work experience must fall under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes 0, A, and B.
  • Students who have a diploma in professional studies from Quebec will be required to complete 24 months of work experience in NOC 0, A, B, and C level jobs.
  • Students working in C level jobs will only be eligible to apply under the PEQ program if their job is related to their field of study.

The requirement of french language proficiency for spouses

Under the new changes, the spouse of the main applicant of the PEQ program must be having a speaking proficiency in French. This is one of the significant changes in the program as announced by the Government.

This change is made specifically to make sure that the new members of the province can get along with the culture. This requirement will become mandatory after one year of the changes coming into force.

Improving the integrity of the system

This particular change comes after many instances of wrongdoings related to french proficiency proofs.

The certificates of completion of the advanced level of Intermediate french from any of the educational institutes in Quebec Immigration News will no longer be accepted. In the past, there have been multiple instances in which irregularities were uncovered with these certificates.

Although this change does not affect the current applicants, all the applicants who have applied before this change comes into force can submit and get these certificates considered.

Processing times

Another significant change comes in the processing time of the PEQ applications. Earlier, the applications had a standard time of 20 days to get processed.

With the new change in effect, the processing time will be a maximum of 6 months. This particular change comes in light of the fact that the Government wishes to give equal importance to the PEQ and Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) applicants.

The introduction of two new pilot programs

Quebec Immigration News – The Government also announced the launching of two new pilot programs. The reason for these programs is the rising need for specific skilled labor in the province. We have seen similar moves by other provinces in the light of healthcare workers.

The first pilot program is aimed at nurse’s aides. Owing to COVID-19 and generally, also, there is a shortage of nurse’s aides in the province. According to Government data, only 115 nurse’s aides have been recipients of the permanent residency schemes since 2013. Changing this trend, the Government aims at using this pilot program to bring in 550 aides per year in the province.

The other pilot program is aimed at the advanced technology sector. Recent changes and developments in technology have given birth to a rise in artificial Intelligence and INformation technology in the province. This is similar to the trend all over the world. In this pilot program, the Government will be granted permanent residency status to 550 such highly skilled workers. Technology workers from all over the world can apply and utilize their skill sets to build a career in Quebec using this pilot program.

These were all the major changes announced by the Government. We will be witnessing these changes coming into force in the coming weeks. This will directly affect the plans set forth by a lot of individuals in various sectors. The best part about the announcements were the pilot programs. We get to see a trend and a beginning with these pilot programs. Programs like these can be a useful tool to get professionals from specific backgrounds into Quebec and other provinces.

Stay tuned with the blog to get more such interesting news and updates from the changing immigration laws in Canada. We have been helping realize the dreams of thousands of students and individuals to immigrate and settle in Canada.